Consultation History

 Consultation History

Highways England Preferred Route

On May 11th 2018 Highways England announced their selection of a slightly modified version of option 5A as their preferred route for the A27 Arundel Bypass. The modification makes little difference, though it brings the dual carriageway closer to people in Tortington.

This is disappointing if not unsurprising, though there was some thought that HE may go for option 1 as it was better value for money and less damaging environmentally (though not acceptable as a design in any way).

We are working with other groups and organisations to challenge this decision.

Arundel A27 Forum will continue to promote the alternative New Single Purple Route as a better option for the whole of Sussex addressing those particular issues which affect Arundel.

To see 12 slides on the alternative Arundel  New Single Purple Route, with Ford roundabout proposal click HERE.

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The Highways England public consultation on the Arundel A27 Bypass formally closed in October 2017. Highways England is expected to announce their preferred route option in the spring 2018, with a consultation on the design to follow.

The consultation brochure and the list of public consultation events can still be found here.

Highways England (HE) has been commissioned by the Department for Transport to draw up options for A27 route improvements at Chichester, Arundel and Worthing as part of the government’s Road Investment Strategy.

Current favoured options, as discussed at HE ‘stakeholder’ meetings, can be seen here. They are all full scale, four lane, high speed, dual carriageways. These options have all been rejected in previous years as environmentally highly damaging and costly.

The Arundel A27 Forum is looking for a more measured approach to improvements, taking all factors, including long term traffic impacts, traffic flow and new technology into account.

On Friday 11th May 2018 the HE decision on preferred route was announced as Route 5a.

The Forum proposed that a less damaging bypass route to be included as an option by HE for consultation in 2017. We called this single carriageway  the ‘New Single Purple Route’

Highways England timetable for Arundel Bypass

HE decides on route options November 2016
Public consultation on options Spring 2017
Preferred route announcement Autumn 2017
Start of works 2021
Opening 2023