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The South Downs Society believes that the New Purple Route, while details remain to be settled, is likely to offer the best prospect for achieving the aim of improving traffic flow while minimising negative environmental impacts, both within and outside the national park. It is essential that this option be developed fully for public consultation. The Society intends to continue its engagement in the process of scheme evaluation and is keen to work with other like-minded organisations.
Steve Ankers
South Downs Society

New road building is not generally supported by Campaign for Better Transport, as increasing road capacity increases traffic and often fails to address people’s real transport needs. However, the approach advocated by the Forum is a pragmatic one and would be less damaging than the fully offline options. It would also lead to welcome improvements for walking, cycling and public transport.
Chris Todd
Campaign for Better Transport

This is a brilliant solution. I am very keen on the ease of access to Ford Station.
Linda Stratford
Tortington, Arundel

The obvious, least damaging route so far.
John Harding

I have opposed road-building, but this is an option I can fully support. It is by far the least destructive, provides benefits for traffic flow and, unlike the off-line dual carriageway options, is unlikely to increase traffic levels.
Kay Wagland (Cllr)

It would be a travesty for the Tortington ancient woodland to be bulldozed and split in two in order for people to get to work minutes earlier, especially since a near online route is an option.
Karen Whitehouse

This new Purple Route seems a good compromise; improving flow and junction access, as well as creating safer cycle and walking routes across town and to the station. These investments should be made alongside improvements to our rail service and rail connectivity to other towns across the region. Better provision for pedestrians and cyclists from the town to Ford Station must also be made.
Mark Robinson
Pallant of Arundel

I have a travel business based in Goring.… my business recruits staff to come to live in Sussex because it’s a nice place to live, not to get to Chichester 5 minutes quicker. We cannot compete with Wolverhampton for motorways but we can for water-meadows and views. Continuous road development is not economically good for West Sussex.
Peter Slowe
Projects Abroad

Looks fantastic, what a great alternative to ruining our countryside!
Marlane Rutledge

Highways England need to take this less damaging option seriously.
Gilly McCadden

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